Friday, September 5, 2014

An open letter to Minimum Wage Protesters, and a lesson in life thrown in for free!

Dear minimum wage protesters,

 Normally I would just riff  on you for a few hundred words. I'd point out that the news clips I saw today filled my screen with mostly obese people holding signs, many in Spanish, demanding 15 bucks an hour for a job that requires less skill than broom weaving at the local Sheltered Workshop. I would also tell you that the majority of you  probably have no idea what you are really asking, let alone who you expect to dig into their pockets.


You happen to have caught me in a transitional stage, I don't want to deride you, I want to help. So try to keep up, and close your mouth when you read, a slack jaw will make you appear to be a dullard.

The majority of McDonald's are owned by a Franchisee. The McDonald's corporation is basically a wholesale supplier. Ronald McDonald isn't  kicked back in a leather chair, wall to wall ball pit for carpet, in some ritzy bright red and yellow McMansion. Ronnie McD is as unreal as your belief that you are owed a living wage. You aren't. Contrary to what you have been told by  poverty pimps and Obama  the progressive Messiah , the world, this  world, doesn't owe you  anything. If you  take a job at minimum wage, and assuming there is no gun held to your head, you can just as easily leave for greener pastures. Those greener pastures can be found via self motivation, self respect, and a little hard work and dedication to same.

Minimum wage jobs are ENTRY LEVEL JOBS. Nobody ever got rich or out of poverty by washing lettuce or handing me the order belonging to the guy behind me.  Don't try to convince me you cant find a better job. That's bullshit. If I can find a decent paying job, anyone this side of Hannibal Lector can find a decent paying job. As far as anchors around ones neck go, my criminal record makes me far more unemployable than your lack of experience and self motivation. Let me put it this way, If my dick was as long as my record, Id be walking around  with an elephant trunk, feeding myself peanuts. My point is, nobody is standing in your way, except you.
                                                           Winston Wolfe
Let's pretend for a minute that you wake up tomorrow and the new minimum wage is 15 bucks an hour. Your wage just doubled!!!  In the words of Winston Wolfe  "Let's not start blowing each other just yet"  If you were getting that Earned Income Credit for your 2.44 kids, you can kiss a lot of that goodbye. The amount you receive, which is far more than you paid in, will decrease commiserate with your new found wealth. That Obama care you were getting subsidized out the ying yang, well that's gonna go up as well. Food-stamps? Housing Assistance? Other assorted freebies, kiss em goodbye. You could call and complain, but you wont have that Obama Phone, so you'll need to do that on your own dime.

Here's the part where most of you are lost to the progressive rhetoric that says "The Man is screwing you"...A living wage can only come through training, education , a skill set, and personal  effort to move up the ladder of life. Contrary to what you have been told, the world doesn't owe you, your employer doesn't owe you, and the producers of this country don't owe you anything. Sadly these facts will fall on deaf ears. It's much easier to play the victim and make unrealistic demands that will never be met. In the meantime, just keep out of the street, hold your  little signs, and rail against the machine, just don't be surprised when you are eventually replaced by one.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Narrative punches objectivity and honesty in the balls............

Up is down. Right is left. Right is wrong, or was that  left is right?  Confused? Hang in there rube, shit gets worse. If you find yourself thinking the country has morphed into some bizarre extended version of Abbott and Costello's  Who's on First skit, then you are not alone.  Let's look at some solid evidence that the direction and thought process of this country, is as fucked up as the proverbial Soup Sandwich.

Today the Gentle Giant, Ferguson's own Michael Brown will be laid to rest. The White House is sending 3, count em, 3 representatives to Brown's funeral. This would be considered lunacy at any other time in our nation, except the present day. Eric Holders justice department and in turn Obama's justice department is charged with seeking justice, hence the name. Completely ignoring the tape which shows Brown ROBBING a convenience store and assaulting the diminutive clerk . Dismissing the growing number of reports that Brown attacked the officer who eventually killed him. Obama and Holder have gone all in by sending official representatives to his funeral. When the persons  responsible for seeking out the truth in a case, officially mourn and bestow martyrdom on a violent thug, it taints the entire case, and rubber stamps antisocial behavior. This latest act of race baiting, incitement, and political pandering solidify what any rational person already fears. Justice is not what is sought. The Michael Brown case is about railroading and pre-conviction. There is no semblance of justice, only bias, witch hunting, and a major victory for mob mentality.  Moral of the story; If you tear up enough shit. If you turn the streets red with blood and fueled with fire, you will be rewarded, you will be legitimized.

The President gave a moving eulogy for recently beheaded journalist James Foley, then he went and played 18 holes, replete with fist bumping and general grab assery.  No word if the White House will send 3 reps to Foley's funeral or whatever service his family may hold. Priorities people, priorities.  It also appears that we may lend support to the Assad regime and start dropping bombs on ISIL, or ISIS, whatever they are calling themselves. Never mind that  the administration  was playing king maker and  usurper in Syria against the very regime  we will now most likely assist.

We live in a world today that defies explanation. We have veterans receiving substandard medical care or death by waiting for  said  substandard care. We have more people on public assistance than anytime in history. We have young black males killing one another with an eagerness and blood thirstiness that is met with a deafening silence. We have a Missouri Governor calling for prosecution of a police officer, before the case is heard by a grand jury. Al Sharpton has become a voice of reason. A violent thug has acquired Sainthood from a media that pimps  sensationalism and PC pandering,  while turning its back to anything remotely resembling truth and  fairness.  

There is no longer a blurred line separating this country. The line is sharp, clearly defined. You either fall in line, bemoan the plight of  an ever increasing list of  Protected Class Victims, or you are branded racist, or worse. The truth, much like the late Elvis,  has left the building. Reasonable debate is akin to a bloated Elvis, slumped over on the shitter, dead as dead can be.   Much like The King, what once made us great has been replaced by opium dreams. The truth doesn't matter. The false narrative rules the day.

Monday, August 18, 2014

How The Grinch looted Ferguson

The past few days Ive been thinking about a Christmas movie, The Grinch. Not the Jim Carrey flick, rather the cartoon. I can't stand Carrey, think he is about as funny as a fart in a funeral parlor. Not to mention he is one of those super rich progressive leftists, hates God, guns, and his own whiteness. He should catch the measles from that McCarthy broad's unvaccinated kid, might  make him sterile, we don't need more Jim Carrey's in the world. But I digress.  I've been thinking about a certain scene in the cartoon, in the movie too. It's the  one where the Who's are all circled around the tree, holding hands, singing that annoying  Yahoo Doray song, or whatever it's called. Anyway, the Who people are  holding hands, swaying, singing, innocent as a bunch of newborns. Meanwhile the Grinch is up on his mountain, tying sticks to his dogs head  trying to make him look like a reindeer. As soon as  the rubes down below go to bed, the Grinch swoops down, steals all of their shit, and basically fucks Christmas up for everyone. See, he is the bad guy from out of town, a travelling boogeyman.

The official media narrative regarding the trouble makers in Ferguson is a lot like that scene. There's no green Grinch looting and destroying property, in  it's place we have "Groups of outsiders coming into Ferguson tearing shit up" Apparently there are roving groups of opportunistic outsiders who go to peaceful protests and act like feral animals. Over and over, ad nauseam , from the protestors to the State Police, from the Media to the Governor, we hear  how the riots and looting are the work of  outsiders, like migrant farm workers, only they loot instead of pick fruit. So the peace loving Fergusonians  go to bed just like the Who's,  then the outsiders  sneak in and  screw the pooch for everybody.

So what do you rubes think? You figure the general public is buying what they are being sold?
The sad and disturbing answer is, Yes. The majority of people accept whatever they are told, and even if they don't really believe it, they'll pretend they do. People don't want to seem callous, or racist, especially racist. So they ignore the obvious, like a woman who is afraid of doctors , ignores a lump on her breast where no lump should be .  Kids are distant, wife has a recurring  strange number on her phone, co workers whisper as you pass their cubicle? Ignore it, pretend all is well, avoid the ugly truth gnawing away at the back of your mind.  For a little while at least, whistling past the graveyard  works.

Let's suspend reality for a couple of minutes. We are going to operate on the assumption that the riots and looting, not to mention shots fired at cops now,  is all the work of outside hooligans and miscreants. We are almost a week into this thing and every day  we see photos of demonstrators holding their hands in the air, chanting don't shoot. Words like assassination, racism, and murder,  are cast out into sea of angry protestors. The new and improved  Black Panthers are organizing much of the demonstrations.  The word INCITE comes to mind.  Even if we are gullible enough to believe all of the dirt is on the hands of outsiders,  are we to ignore the culpability , the incitement of these outsiders, by the overhyped, patently dishonest displays of the permanent victim class that makes up a large majority in Ferguson? The short answer is, Yes you are expected to buy the bullshit being peddled,

Autopsies reveal Brown was  hit with 6 bullets, none in the back, never mind that witnesses claimed he was shot in the back. You won't hear much about the reports of the 280 pound man charging the cop, head down as he came at him. You wont hear much about his partner in crime, number one witness, warrants out for his arrest. The media and the protestors only care that a black man was shot and killed by a cop. Nothing else matters.

When the protestors continue to ignore the police into the night , the outcome will be riots, looting, and tear gas. Many of, and Id guess the majority of these so called peaceful protestors are from Ferguson. Their voices have been heard, but they don't let up. They wont end their protests or at least  shut it down before dark. So even those who may not take part in riots or looting are culpable because they provide a venue and cover for those who do riot and loot. They also continue to perpetuate a falsehood about Michael Brown. He wasn't some gentle giant. Gentle Giants don't rob stores, they don't snatch store owners by their shirt front. Those actions , the robbery Brown committed on video tape lend credence to the probability that Brown attacked the police Officer.  Not unlike the actions of the alleged outside  provocateurs who have turned Ferguson into Mogadishu, it's very likely that Michael Brown had he not been shot, would have been one of those who riot and pillage. None of that matters anymore. There will be more Fergusons, there will be more Michael Browns, eventually the ignorance and violence will make it's way here to Kansas City, your city or town too. Permanent Victimhood status is a powerful and lucrative thing. Much like the mysterious "Outside Provocateurs" the permanent victim class have no intention of rising above their current station in life. Here's the rub....without evil, racist, oppressors there can be no victims, and there will always be  white oppressors, even if they have to be manufactured from falsehoods and horse shit.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Michael Brown The media myth and false narrative regarding the gentle giant of Ferguson Missouri

The gentle giant, Mike (hands in the air) Brown, the 280 pound 18 year old black male in Ferguson Missouri was shot and killed by a police officer. The original story fit the mainstream media and race pimps narrative, "Young innocent black child, gunned down by racist white cracker cop, for no reason other than walking while black". Riots and looting ensued. The usual cast of characters piled on. White guilt laden progressive dip shits cried tears for the young black guy, they hung their heads in shame at their whiteness and guilt by proxy. The totally unbelievable account of a cop attempting to pull a 280 pound man through his squad car window, and the subsequent  broad daylight execution of a submissive young man, hands raised in the air, was taken as fact, without question.

As the late Paul Harvey was want to say, "Now for the rest of the story".

Turns out the gentle giant was a not so gentle thug and strong arm robber.  Turns out the officer went to the hospital with injuries. Also  it turns out that several of the journalists  had knowledge that Brown was in fact involved in a robbery,  however the media doesn't report rumor or unconfirmed reports, unless it fits the narrative, natch.  The lawyer for the Brown family has called the release of the video Character Assassination, this same lawyer represented the parents of Trayvon skittles Martin. Im watching the lawyer on CNN as I type, he emphatically states "what happened leading up to the shooting of the Gentle Giant is irrelevant. A systematic effort to assassinate the young'uns character. " The lawyer went on to say if shit blows up and riots kick off it's understandable. I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.

The reporter is asking the folks in the crowd, in front of the burned out destroyed QuikTrip if they believe Brown  was guilty of the robbery, to a person, they do not. So in the face of visual evidence, a 280 pound man snatching up a tiny store clerk and taking his property by force, even that does not register.  A crowd of professional and perpetual victims, ripe for the picking, a progressives wet dream. 

In the end it all boils down to  undeniable truths.  Lives forever changed. A bully and thug meets a rare end. Typically black males of Brown's proclivities end up killed by like minded shit heels of their own ilk, this time it  was a cop.  The cop, apparently doing his job , even if found to be innocent of any misconduct, will have to live in hiding. The Browns lost a son, and shit heel or not, he was theirs. A parents loss of a child is a hard hard thing to live with. The town of Ferguson will wither and die on the vine as the remaining businesses and white residents will leave for less hostile pastures. The media will move on to the next dubious narrative of evil racists vs the disadvantaged minorities. And the beat goes on.

footnote: Before one of you rubes start yappin about the cop not knowing Brown was involved in the robbery, let me school you on the criminal thought process. If you  have just committed a crime, robbery for example, and a cop approaches you, here is how it works. It doesn't matter if the cop is coming at you for jaywalking, you the criminal will assume it's really about the crime you just committed. One of 3 things will happen...You will try to  talk your way out of trouble, you will flee, or you will resist. In the end, the video doesn't answer what happened in Ferguson, but it does reveal the violence prone Michael Brown for who he is....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fast Eddie Friday....An honest conversation about race from the white of my eyes.

Civil rights leaders have said it over and over.  The attorney general, Eric the red Holder, calls us too cowardly to have it. The President insists we need to do it. So let's have at it. An honest conversation about the racial divide from a middle aged creepy ass cracka. So here we go, Fast and loose.

You can search through the early archives of this blog and other than the writing style, you'd think someone else wrote it. There was a shift, a tipping point. Somewhere I went from a moderate liberal-ish type to what some would say is a not so moderate right wing loon. That's especially true where my views on race are concerned. In my earlier stuff, I made the contention that young criminally inclined black males just needed some guidance, maybe a trade, a decent shot, because hey, the fuckin deck is stacked against them. Full disclosure here, It was bullshit then and if anyone is selling it today, it's still bullshit. I'd say the final tipping point came after my uncle Jimmy Ray was beaten and robbed in his own home by 3 young black scholars. He never recovered physically or psychologically. Though he would never admit it, he lived out that last year or so of his life in constant fear. He lasted another year or so, never quite right, not really the same guy I'd idolized since my childhood. His wife, my aunt, hung around for another year after his death. I'd wager she spent most nights awake, in fear, locked up in her home, awaiting the return of the misunderstood youths to  finish what they started.

I'll let you all in on a secret. When the vast majority of people think of young black males, myself included, they see these guys. If they tell you otherwise, they are fucking liars. Even those uber leftist , save the children types, they see these guys every time some young black kid gives them that sleepy eyed prison yard stare.
These fine young cannibals beat and repeatedly stabbed a Kansas City Metro bus driver.

Notice the concern of the other passengers? Yeah, neither did I.  Although I did see the young woman pick up something off the floor. I'm going to assume it was the drivers wallet, if for no other reason than the way she stood right next to the the guy getting beat and stabbed, like she was waiting in line at Mcdonalds. If the driver had a gun, I wonder if Eric Holder would have told him to retreat as he suggested when addressing the recent meeting of the NAACP.  My recommendation, had he been armed, unload, reload, unload, lather, rinse , repeat.

Before I continue, here's a disclaimer..... Not all young black males are willing to beat and stab you to avoid paying a one dollar bus fare. It's up to you to decide if you want to assume the best or worst.I'd recommend erring on the side of caution. ......

In a perfect world we would all join hands, sing a sappy song, buy each other a coke. But this isn't a perfect world, not even close.

There's two sides to every coin. Al Sharpton and the talking airheads on MSNBC or Slate, or Huffington Post, or any of the usual mainstream peddlers of horse shit would have you believe that AmeriKKKa is overflowing with white boogey men. Armed to the teeth, white sheet in their pick up truck, hunting down innocent African Americans. These same race baiting poverty pimps would have you believe that if you fear young black males then you are the problem. You are what is holding America back like it's Selma Alabama circa 1959. You should feel ashamed. Furthermore, you should make amends by reacting with righteous indignation to any negative critique of young urban black youth. You should join the right rev. Sharpton in his mass protests planned for this Saturday.  Should you decide to join in on these protests, you'll hear the fairy tale of young black males being murdered by the George Zimmermans and Jack Booted cops. What you won't hear is this......

African Americans make up about 13 percent of the population. They account for roughly half of all homicide victims. At least 94 percent of these victims are murdered by other African Americans. They are 6 times more likely than whites to be murdered. Seven times more likely to murder someone.  I didn't pull these numbers out of thin air or my ass. These are the hard cold facts in America today.

So there it is. The honest jagged edged take on race and crime in this country, as seen through the eyes of a soon to be 54 year old creepy ass cracka. The big secret, the one most people are too afraid, ashamed, or patently dishonest to admit.......most people, white, black, brown, whatever, most people, in their heart of hearts, see it the same way. That kid with the sleepy eyed stare in his saggy pants and 3x t shirt is suspect. The proof is on the news nightly. Sure he could be harmless, a 3.0 honor student, or not.